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LAWHF - World Heritage at the grass roots

Established in 1996, LAWHF represents urban and rural communities across the UK which have existing or potential World Heritage Sites within their areas.

LAWHF is the voice of the local bodies that carry day to day responsibility for the protection of World Heritage Sites, the promotion and management of tourism and the provision of many other services that enable residents and visitors to enjoy globally significant heritage sites.

LAWHF seeks to ensure that communities derive maximum benefit from their World Heritage status whilst at the same time being properly equipped and resourced to fulfil their World Heritage responsibilities.

LAWHF's aims are to:

Represent the interests of local authorities in relation to World Heritage matters.
 • Assist local authorities in their work on behalf of the State Party to fulfil its responsibilities in relation to the World Heritage Convention, namely identification, protection, conservation, presentation and education.
 • Encourage Government and other UK and international agencies to:-
recognise the role of local authorities in managing World Heritage Sites.
    b) provide them with an effective policy framework, support and adequate resources in relation to World Heritage.
 • Act as a forum for the development of expertise and knowledge and for the exchange of experience and information in connection with the management of World Heritage Sites.
 • Work with the other agencies and stakeholders involved in World Heritage matters including ICOMOS, ICCROM, IUCN, English Heritage, Cadw, Historic Scotland, The National Trust, The National trust for Scotland, English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Countryside Council for Wales and other relevant agencies. LAWHF also operates as a Special Interest Group of the Local Government Association.

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